Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dr. Burton’s clinic accept insurance?

Due to the nature of Dr. Burton’s practice, Dr. Burton no longer accepts insurances for office visits and treatments. Doctor Burton offers essentially a cash-based practice (credit card, cash, and check).

Basic conventional medicine laboratory and radiology orders will still be covered by your insurance. However, alternative therapies and testing, such as saliva hormone testing, heavy metal/ toxin testing, alternative allergy testing, are usually not covered by insurance. Supplements/medicinal nutrients are usually not covered (but might be reimbursed, such as under a health savings account).   Dr. Burton is not responsible for any billing charges associated with any laboratory or radiology testing.  All patients are strongly encouraged to contact their insurance company to confirm payment/reimbursement status

What services are offered at Dr. Burton’s clinic?

  • Lifestyle Coaching
  • Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
  • IV Therapy
  • Infrared Therapy
  • Light Therapy
  • Detoxification / Chelation Therapy

Visit Dr. Burton’s services page for a complete list of labs and treatment options

Why doesn’t Dr. Burton dress like the doctors I’m used to seeing?

Dr. Burton does not wear lab coats or what would be considered “physician dress clothing”.  Dr. Burton wishes to promote a relaxed atmosphere as an alternative to the conventional medical office environment.

Does Dr. Burton offer online doctor visits?

Virtual, video chat appointments are available.  Contact Dr. Burton via email to make arrangements.

Was the office affected by the Flint water crisis?

Flint Township, where Dr. Burton’s practice is located in a separate municipality from Flint, Michigan.  Flint Township utilizes the KWA/GLWA water treatment system and has never received water from the affected FLINT/Flint River system

Is Dr. Burton’s office EMF Free?

The office uses an electronic record system and additional electronic devices are present. Please note this especially if you are EMF sensitive.

What if I need a refill on my medications?

Ongoing Medications and refills are written only at the time of the office visit! Refills are ALWAYS written to accommodate you until your next scheduled appointment (or beyond).  If you are not able to keep that visit, please reschedule (CHANGE YOUR APPOINTMENT)  in time before you run out of medications.  If there is a discrepancy with your pharmacy, you should always contact the pharmacy first, or present to them your copy of the order to verify that refills SHOULD BE AVAILABLE!  If you do not get your medication, it is likely because your insurance will not pay for the medication, or you need prior authorization from our office before the insurance company will pay.  Ask the pharmacy if prior authorization is needed.   Make sure you notify Dr. Burton via email as soon as possible if you do not get your medication from the pharmacy.  If you choose not to get the medication (or any treatment) because the copay/cost is too high, you still need to notify Dr. Burton via email as soon as possible (do NOT wait until next appointment!)

Do I have to accept the supplements from your office?

Part of treatment recommendations may include nutritional supplementation (medicinal foods). Supplementation maybe a greater part of the individualized treatment plan. Unfortunately, no supplements are covered under insurance and are an additional cost during the office visit. While supplements are offered at office location, no one is obligated or required to purchase any product. Of the hundreds of brands and formulations available, however, very few meet the standard of care consistent with International College of Integrative Medicine.  Be aware supplements obtained outside the office may not be of a medical or pharmaceutical grade and may curtail/limit successful treatment.  For your safety, due to the number of counterfeit/bogus products being sold in stores and online with the identical name, brand packaging, etc, supplements not arranged for purchase by Dr. Burton are not authorized for treatment.  Unlike medication renewals, supplements purchased at the office do not have to occur during office time of office visit. Notify Dr. Burton by email at least five working days for any supplement refills (do not call office). Ask Dr. Burton for shipment options available directly to your home.